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Valve Train

All parts of the valve train without camshafts

Here the parts of the valve train are displayed one by one, without camshafts for a double overhead camshaft four cylinder engine. The inlet side (see down part of the picture) is identical to the outlet side (see upper part of the picture), except for the valves and valve springs. Completely outside, the hydraulic tappets which have undergone meanwhile a substantial miniaturization. They form the centres of rotation on which the roller cam followers (further inside) support themselves. Thus they do not belong to the moved masses.

Fully assembled, the parts can be seen here.

Take a look at the rear valve row in the enlargement. Their plates are a little bit smaller and clearly chrome plated, protecting them better against heat. In addition, the furthest left exhaust valve is cut open, pointing out the possibility of a sodium filling. This lowers the temperature by 100°C and more. 06/08

Valve train

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