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  Exhaust-emission Analysis


Apart from the recent small slump in the market, the amount of motorcycles in Germany is continually rising. Due to the fact that in 2005, the figure was slowly approaching the 4- million mark, the inclusion in the long established compulsory exhaust gas emission test, is overdue.


It's quite a simple thing to suggest laws, to turn them into reality is a different story. First of all, there is question of whether all motorised two-wheelers should be checked, or whether the smallest, with a cubuc capacity of up to 50 cm³, are to be excluded. Perhaps the maximum speed of small mopeds will be adapted as the yardstick. These vehicles generate relatively little emission and their manufacture is burdened by production costs. Two-strokes will certainly also have to undergo the testing. There seems no longer to be any doubt, that all two-wheelers built after 1990, will be included. Apparently, apart from the exhaust emission testing, the noise emission testing will also be reinforced. 03/11               Top of page               Index
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