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In-line Five-Cylinder Engine


The 5 cylinder in line engine should realise higher torque and higher performance with relatively small single cubic capacities. Additionally, it should be possible to mount this engine transversely. Featuring just one cylinder head, it is cheaper in comparison to a real V-engine. One engine class with four, five, and six cylinders with a lot of common parts, e.g. pistons, connecting rods and valves, becomes possible.

How it works

Featuring five crankshaft headers with different angles, the single pistons perform their strokes at different times. Also at engines with comparable number of cylinders, e.g. V-5 and B-6, all connecting rods have their own bearing on the crankshaft, those with more cylinders do not. It is also the smallest number of cylinders where the work cycles overlap. The firing order is 12453, ignition interval 144°.


The mass balances are compensated less compared with the six-cylinder in-line engine and even compared with the four cylinder in-line engine. 05/08

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