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Opposed six-cylinder Porsche boxer engine


This was it, Porsche's air-cooled opposed cylinder engine. The large blower disappeared. Instead, there is a very long multiple V-belt, connecting the crankshaft in the middle with the generator, servo pump, climate compressor, and coolant pump below. Only to the left, the cylinder block is clearly perceptible. To the right, it is even exposed and one of the two camshafts is visible. In addition, the single spark coils on this side are noticeable.
In general, one of the advantages of opposed cylinder engines is their low height, as compared to in-line engines. Yet, due to all its auxiliary systems and the suction bridge of plastic not much of this advantage is left. But, at least the center of gravity should be lower.

The other data
Bore/stroke: 93 mm/78 mm
Displacement: 3179 cm³
Compression: 11 : 1
Performance: 191 kW (260 HP) at 6200 rpm
Torque: 310 Nm at 4600 rpm

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