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Their international use has distinctly increased. There are buses, which although they are registered in Germany, were sent to a different country directly after their manufacture. The vehicle owners pay for the flight of the MOT-tester. The result is, the lowest possible amount of repairs despite an enormously increased mileage. Even those vehicles operating only in Europe can profit from this additional use.

In the meantime, Great Britain had presented us with the disc-brake which, after a certain amount of time to get used to them, they could also be had as air-brakes. They were first installed in buses, long before they were used in trucks, where only today, are they considered to be standard. The brakes are conserved by the retarder, in the urban-bus more in the primary- and in the truck more the secondary construction type. Also safety features like ABS serve to protect the tyres from so-called 'skidding-flats' which result in having to replace an otherwise useable tyre.

Read more about the retarder (compression release brake) here.

Especially worth mentioning, is the Diesel engine revolution which started in the 1960s, which by the way, at the time of it's introduction, distinctly lowered the operational safety. What we're talking about here, is the direct-injection, which guaranteed a much lower fuel consumption and later on, also higher performance. Indeed, in the beginning, apart from ABS, electronic regulation was still a long way off.

As we've already indicated, urban-buses and luxury coaches were moving in different directions. The former was in fact, moving in the direction of a sort standard chassis, which would, to a degree, limit the production cost of the bus itself. Of course nowadays, the demands made of an urban-bus are by no means low, one only has to consider the particularly low flooring, the possibility of tipping to one side at the bus-stops and the retractable ramp or platform for wheelchair users.

Read more about the drive-train of the city-bus here.

Ride with the 0307 through Aachen to the car wash

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