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Clutch 22 - Centrifugal force


The centrifugal clutch was used earlier in semi-automatic car (no clutch pedal) as a starting clutch. In certain series of the Citroen 2 CV it was even combined with a separating clutch and the gearbox. In traffic jam you needed only to accelerate and did not need to actuate the clutch pedal. Today, it still occurs in two-wheel vehicles (figure 2) and there especially in scooters. The principle is very simple. The centrifugal forces of the centrifugal weights produce, the pressing force of the friction linings.


The connection between the engine and gearbox is made or another gear is engaged when the crankshaft reaches a certain rotational speed. Figure 1 shows top two shoes with pads which are only on one side rotatably mounted on a disc and are held by springs.From a certain speed of the disc (figure 2) the centrifugal force of the respective shoe overcomes the spring force swings outwards and takes the drum. The clutch engages.


The centrifugal clutch needs when changing gears for variable-speed gearboxes still a shifting clutch. 07/12