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Save Energy

Neither heavy junk in or on the car, nor excessive tire widths; regular checks

How does a vehicle look like in everyday life when the driver is fuel consumption sensitive? Definitely not like the vehicle displayed on top! The car carries neither unnecessary roof constructions nor drags along heavy junk. The broadest tires are unfavorable, a raised tire pressure of 0.2 to 0.5 bar on the other hand desirable. Furthermore, the car is submitted to regular checks. If, for example, the mileage shows a large deviation, it might indicate a defect. The same holds true for the oil and coolant usage, an easy check. Defects are dealt with immediately because the repair price rises with every further kilometer and the running costs are higher. This is especially true for an under-performing air-conditioning.

Combine short distances and avoid idle running of the engine

If the vehicle is to be used for several short distances, it is best to minimize their temporal distance. This is the more advisable, the colder it is outdoors. The engine becomes warm in general during driving and not while defrosting the windows. Anyways, idle running while standing still should be avoided as much as possible. As long as the engine is still cold, the full accelerating powers of the engine should not be used, only in emergency cases. If the car manufacturer leaves you a choice, go for the slightly more liquid oil. (0 W. ., 5 W. .) It is better, and does not cost much more.

Be aware of consumers in the car and avoid detours

On the road it is not necessary to keep attention to the heating, but rather to the usage of the air-conditioning. You should check regularly whether electric consumers, as for example the heated rear window, are switched off, as soon as they are no longer needed. Parking lots in the surrounding of the city centre are easier to find. Do make use of the park control system instead of driving around in circles in the city centre. You might consider the shorter distance on the navigation system as opposed to the shorter journey, because it is fuel-saving. Do not immediately lose your patience in a traffic jam. Studies say that just driving through mostly is fastest.               Top of page               Index
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