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Energy Saving Rules 6

Measures to be takenby ...
Aerodynamic Requirements
Low cross sectional area, lower lying coachwork, sealed and/or paricularly small joint clearances, fully panelled undercarriage, as little air-flow as possible in the engine compartment, specially designed outside mirrors, narrower tyre widths, wheel-rims which cause only little turbulence
Engine alterations
Compression adapted to the operating range, low friction- and pumping loss, less cylinders - preferably a lower cubic capacity, lower engine weight
General mechanics
Low resistance bearings, gearwheel meshing and tyres, no cardan shaft(s), low unsprung- and total weight
Preparations before driving
Carry little unnecessary ballast, cross sectional area through luggage racks or trailers to be kept as low as possible, tyre pressure slightly increased or somewhat higher, timely recognition and rectifying of defects, more expensive oil saves energy and sometimes also expenses, navigation systems are nearly always worthwhile for reducing fuel consumption
In traffic
Steady driving, somtimes rolling in neutral, use of the engine-brake instead of the foot-brake, early upshifting, possibly skipping a gear, avoidance of higher speeds, provident driving with as little brake use as possible, avoidance of short distances, don't leave electric consumers needlessly switched on, timely turning down of the heating in a Diesel, doing the same with the air conditioning almost always saves fuel, switch off the engine when not in use

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