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Crude Oil 3

The value of the petroleum becomes obvious already in the days of the First World War. And it is not just about the English navy. Read here the story of General Gallieni, who sends soldiers to the front in a taxi, to gain time. Later in the war, tanks and truck convoys with supplies play an increasingly important role. This has two side effects, these armaments need to be manufactured and supplied with fuel. Rockefeller and his Standard Oil are more sought-after than ever, by both war opponents.

His status becomes even better when the Americans join the war. Even the antitrust laws are relaxed, the laws that had led to the division of the consortium in 1911. In 1917, the United States engages ground troops in the war in France. Their equipment with vehicles is already so far advanced that virtually unlimited supplies can be ordered. The fate of Germany and its allies is sealed.

Throughout the war, Germany's oil supply is secured. The German subsidiaries of Shell and Standard Oil continue to supply even after the U.S. entry into war. Altogether, the required amount has tripled during the war. The profits made by the suppliers during the war have obviously more than tripled.

And this goes on after World War I. However, the tangle of influence areas and concession rights can be resolved between Britain and France only after lengthy negotiations, although there is yet the share of Germany confiscated by the Allies.

Because Iraq is now a British Mandate, the British are able to secure their concession rights here until the year 2000. Iraq constitutes a good Middle East state-building example, which is not based on historical affiliations or formation of national or religious communities, but on a landscape that has been created by the acquisition of oil concessions and their replacement. 05/18

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