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Crude Oil 1

500 million years it tooks until the mineral oil has formed that the human being now consumes in about 100 years. The West has become rich with this lubricant of the economy, but wars are also been waged therefore and been influenced heavily by it. 1859 takes place in Pennsylvania, the first oil production. Of course there are no internal combustion engines at this time, the with the oil could get to run. Rather, it is the light that helps people lengthen the day and that is generated so far from oil, which comes from the whaling. Prompt the new product displaces the old, especially because of its incredibly favorable price. The problem is not the development at the time, which was almost possible at the surface of the earth, but in the transport.

And here comes someone into play whose name you certainly have heard before: John D. Rockefeller, son of a poor salesman. As the first he developed a standard for lamp oil, in any case his advertising this claims. He also sells his future customers, the oil lamps at very reasonable prices, to have afterwards for a very long time a guaranteed market for his oil. In the present time it's similar to the principle of the sale of printers, where the cartridge is nearly more expensive than the printer.

'Standard Oil' will be very successful as a company, also because the American government helps by their diplomatic missions. Rockefeller is rather a trader than an oil producer. So he has then the pricing also directly in the hands. Naturally, the transport of the black gold is an important factor. Rockefeller can thus bundle enormous quantities of oil and thus obtain a better price e.g. at the railway companies. Sun one ruins smaller competitors and creates 90 percent market share. Rockefeller will be already at that time a wealthy man.

Of course, all this will be much more exciting for him, as the main thing will be an initial by-product of mineral oil. This is done for oil producers just in time before a possible economic collapse because the onset of the age of electricity makes unnecessary lamp oil. Decentralised generators produce at least in urban areas the current for partly impressive lighting. In this subject moves an engineer named Henry Ford, who soon leaves his field of activity and produce a product that urgently need petroleum products, the car.

1911, two years before the individual production of the Ford Model T goes into mass production, Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company has trouble with the antitrust authorities in the USA. He has to split his group into smaller companies, with proforma usually to federal states restricted field of activities. It probably did not really hurt the group. Especially little the foreign companies, both as sales territory as well as oil-producing region. For not only in North America is meanwhile found oil, but also e.g. in South America. What originally was an import of mussels with ships for the company of Mr. Samuel and his sons is meantime by the entrance of Mr. Deterding mutated into 'Royal Dutch Shell', to fetch petroleum for lamps e.g. from Baku (Azerbaijan) and Indonesia. 05/18

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