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Auxilliary air heating


Auxiliary air-heating systems are of interest for campers, busses and for trucks. Large, independently functioning heaters are also available for loading areas. They should heat-up quickly and maintain a constant air temperature, using only a relatively small amount of (particularly electrical) energy. Equally important, is the ability to provide the heat soon after starting the system and the low noise level.


They are run on the already existing fuel, either petrol or Diesel. The battery provides the power for the glow-plug, the fuel pump and the combustion- or hot air blower. In the above picture the cold air is sucked in on the left by a fan and flows past the combustion chamber on the right into the interior. At the bottom, one can see the intake- and outlet combustion-air channels. The amount of fuel needed for a contjnuous combustion is exactly controlled by the dosage-pump, thus ensuring a low fuel consumption and a thermal output of 2 to 4 kW. The servicing system can be operated by remote control and also by telephone or cell-phone. Thereby, even data can be transferred, e.g., the interior air temperature. 05/11

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