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Let's assume, that you want to also, or maybe only, enjoy any type of music in your car. For this reason, we'll no longer speak of a CD-car radio, but of a sound-system. Whereby, the performance of the equipment on offer nowadays seems to be quite limitless. There are in fact, (hobby-)systems, which when turned up to full power, can be a danger to the health of the passengers.


As far as the number of speakers are concerned, ten or more, are no longer unusual. Apart from that, tweeters can even be integrated into the A-pillars, on the other hand, the mid- and particularly the bass speakers require a great deal of space. Although however, a lot of speakers, and a high performance, does not guarantee the best sound. A lot depends also, on their positioning, and also on the use of sound-wave reflections. It is not simply a matter of satisfying only the driver and front-seat passenger, there may be people sitting in the back who also have a critical ear for music. Moreover, music tastes differ, and thus, varying demands are made on the sound-system.

Naturally, with a large number of speakers, the actual stereo sound can distributed by the system using a differentiated channel separation. Metal diaphragms are also no longer limited to tweeters and mid-range speakers. Of course it depends not only on the proper mounting, the speaker casings must also be resonance-free. In the case of the bass-speaker, even the choice is difficult. Younger car drivers can happily dispense with the room in the boot. Should the user be (somewhat) older, this poses a different problem. This is why bass-speakers built into the doors offer an acceptable compromise.

Whether the function of the equipment is digital or analogue, is hardly noticed by the installation artist. However, he will notice the resulting perfomance if he works with cables having a standard cross-section. Therefore, one should take care when using the system, extensive equipment can by itself, when being used accordingly, consume everything that generator would provide for an entire mid-range car. Give it a thought, push-starting a vehicle is not as easy nowadays as it used to be … 04/10

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