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Air Conditioning
(Additional Information)


With an air-conditioning it is obviously easier, and is more effective, to vary the transport capacity of the air compressor, than with a given transport capacity, to adapt the pressure in the system to the cooling demands. Exactly this is the case in the system shown in the above figure.

How it works

In the air compressor, not only can the pressure generation be switched on and off, also the incline angle of the swash-plate can be altered electrically. Therefore, on the opposite side, between the liquid- and the gaseous part of the equipment a simple, fixed throttle can be found.

Furthermore, the size and the position of the individual components in the figure, are once again made clear. The larger condenser is installed before the vehicle radiator, and the smaller evaporator, before or behind the heat exchanger for the heating system. The air-conditioning compressor is connected in front, beside the engine, to its belt drive. The position of the reservoir- and compensation tank and the fixed throttle, can be relatively freely chosen. 09/09

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