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Air Conditioning (maintenance)


Modern air-conditioners as a rule, need more servicing than the time honoured heaters. That's simply the price of comfort. The intervals for mandatory servicing, differ between 2 years and a limitless period. It would indeed be interesting to find out what the workshop actually does.

How it works

In the above figure, the components are shown in their mounted positions. On the top left are the connections for the evaporator, on the right, in the middle, those for the condenser. The air dryer, in front and on the right, holds a certain reservoir, and allows possible developing oscillations to be reduced by the system, in addition it absorbs humidity.

The workshop opens the equipment, and suctions off the coolant. This is weighed in a vertical position by a special device under pressure to ensure that the same amount is refilled again. The intensive drying process then takes place. Afterwards the same amount of coolant is added, as the amount of water that was drained off. Too much water raises the boiling point in such a way that the conversion into a gaseous state no longer takes place. Thereby the transmission of heat and the efficiency of the unit is also reduced.

For this reason, the air dryer is always replaced. Since, unlike in a stationary unit, e.g., a refrigerator, certain components are connected by flexible tubing. Apart from that, there are more oscillations which have an influence, e.g., on the seals. In addition, the air-conditioner in the automobile must cope with greater temperature differences. All these factors can possibly cause the system to leak. The absorbed water causes, apart from the lower effectivity, also corrosion.

Before the equipment is refilled, the same amount of oil, for the lubrication, e.g., of the compressor in the circulation, must be ensured. If not already there, an additional leak-seeking additive is applied, this, together with an ultra-violet leak-seeking lamp makes the search for a possible leak easier. 09/09