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Liquid Tank (air conditioning)


The fluid tank makes sure that, depending on the working condition of the equipment, more or less coolant is available. Not only does it absorb humidity, but also deposits from the different aggregates.

How it works

At the end of the inflow-pipe, the dryer (clearly visible in the above figure) is located. Here a certain amount of moisture can be extracted from the coolant. At the bottom it then gathers to be sent, relatively free of air- bubbles, through the center standpipe to the expansion valve. There is also a certain amount of reservoir to compensate for any losses, which however, does not mean that one should, in all cases, fill an air- conditioning to 100% capacity.
Because of the water-absorbing effect of the cooling agent, most manufacturers specify that the fluid tank be replaced every time the equipment is opened. During assembly it should also only be exposed for a relatively short time to the normal atmosphere. 09/09

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