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Alignment equipment


If there is still anything like 'craftmanship' left in the field of motor vehicles, then it's to be found in the straightening and panel-beating of damaged body parts. In spite of the technical aids like the hydraulic jack shown in the above picture, experience and talent is still necessary. Take as an example, the specialists in the development, who produce the first metal body from the plasticine model, they are among to top earners. It's not surprising that the price of a prototype, accordingly lies at around 1,000,000.


In this branch, damages that can be compensated by re-forming should be dealt with. Sometimes, with this type of damage, it is necessay to measure the body parts. A very flexibly usable hydraulic jack (see picture) can be a big help to restore the original tolerances. Indeed, care must be taken because intact parts can thereby, also be changed. This is why, when using hydraulics, deliberation and experience are needed. One must also know, just how much one can push or pull and how much re-forming will take place when the pressure is removed. Constant checking with the measuring device is essential.
Now to the panelbeating, this always carried out from the outside edge inwards. The mallet, the pecker-hammer and the counterweight-anvil must have a suitable shape and must fit to each other. If the damaged area cannot be approached from behind, one can use extraction-hooks or any other pre-shaped levers. Movable impact hammers can be applied to the front surface. If there are no sharp creases, heat can also be applied for the re-forming. Basically however, the process of cold-beating is preferred. Afterwards, the remaining paint and protruding metal edges are to be removed with a grinding machine. Finally, using the adjustable file (see picture), areas which are still too high or too low, can be determined. 08/08               Top of page               Index
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