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Brake assist system


Motorists need assistance when braking in panic

Accident researchers have been, for some time now, certain that some accidents could have been avoided by determinedly hitting the brake pedal from the word go. Since these systems were introduced, e.g., comprehensively by Mercedes, the accident statistics confirm this. In the meantime, it is being intensively further developed.

Particular boosting when hitting the brakes quickly

Because the reaction-time mostly does not leave much to be desired, could a control device ascertain from the speed registered by the pedal-position sensor, how fast the pedal was hit, and thus, determine the degree of the panic. Should the step on the pedal have been too gentle however, the control device assists by adding strength to the pedal force. In the above figure you can see the appropriate central magnetic valve.

Even better braking preparation through environmental scanning

The second generation of the brake assistant tries even earlier to ensure efficient braking. Thereby it makes use of the data of other systems, e.g., from radar measurements of sensors with various area coverage. If, when driving a vehicle with this feature, the brakes seem to be over aggresive, you might check your distance to the vehicle in front of you. The control device is obviously functioning correctly.

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