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Wheel change
Save Energy

Ganz neu ...

Ganz neu ...

Single-circuit System
Dual-circuit Brake
Disc Brake
Turning Brake-discs
Disc parking brake
Drum Brake 1
Drum Brake 2
Drum Brake 3
Engine Brake
Master Cylinder 1
Master Cylinder 2
Brake Pad
Brake Pad 2
Brake Pad 3
Brake Disks
Brake Fluid 1
Brake Fluid 2
Brake Booster
Brake assist system
Electr. Brake Booster 1
Electr. Brake Booster 2
ABS/ESP-Hydr. Unit
Wheel sensor 1
Wheel sensor 2
Parking Brake
Overrun Brake 1
Overrun Brake 2
Brake recuperation 1
Brake recuperation 2
Brake recuperation 3
Elektro-hydr. Brake 1
Elektro-hydr. Brake 2
Calliper (electr. brake)
Brake Test Stand 1
Brake Test Stand 2
Floating Brake
Sliding-calliper 1
Sliding-calliper 2
Sliding-calliper 3
Sliding-calliper 4
Brake doesn't release
Disc-brake Caliper
Disc brake failure 1
Disc brake failure 2
Floating Brake
Fixed-calliper 1
Fixed-calliper 2B
Fixed-calliper 3
Parking Brake 1
Parking Brake 2
Parking Brake 3
Parking Brake 4
Carbon Brake Disc
Ventilated Disc 1
Ventilated Disc 2

Compressed Air Brake 1
Compressed Air Brake 2
Electr. Compr. Air Brake
Driving Preparation
Drum Brake (truck) 1
Drum Brake (truck) 2
Drum Brake (truck) 3
Drum Brake (truck) 4
Disc Brake (truck) 1
Disk Brake (truck) 2
Trailer Brake System
Brake-air Compressor
Air Dryer
Pressure Regulator
Four-circuit Protection
Dual-circuit Brake
ALB Regulator
Diaphragm Cylinder 1
Diaphragm Cylinder 2
Spring-type Cylinder 1
Spring-type Cylinder 2

Force (brake)
Distance (brake)
Time (brake)
Brake (pedal-force)

Brake (general) 1
Brake (general) 2
Brake (general) 3
Brake (general) 4
Brake (general) 5
Brake (general) 6
Brake (general) 7
Hydraulic brake 1

Pneum. Brake 1
Pneum. Brake 2
Pneum. Brake 3
Pneum. Brake 4
Pneum. Brake 5
Hydraulic Brake

Brake Disks

Exceptionally, it is not about the expensive ceramic disks here, but about lightweight construction in conventional brake disks. As you know, the can be made only from cast iron (above) or steel (bottom picture). Should someone tell something of aluminum, then is always only meant the pot. In picture 1 above, the is even of steel and saves therewith 15 percent weight according to manufacturer's specification

The required toothing by the two different materials is highly welcome because of the heat distribution and suitable for high torques or speeds. And of course the company Brembo proposes striking finishes as at the brake calipers. Soon to have in the Mercedes.

Now there is but a single, relatively inconspicuous disk completely of aluminum (picture) with coated brake surface, but is still in the stage of the prototype and intended for electric vehicles. Apparently one expects here significantly lower temperatures on the brake disks.

Of course, the electric motor in two or even four wheel hubs could bring the final breakthrough. The film draws attention to the large remaining space. Major disadvantage: The unsprung masses increase and thus good driving characteristics decrease. A step towards a solution to the problem could be the significantly lighter brake disk. 10/15