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Our inquiry at Continental was marked with the comment, that this concerns an older system. The e-HDI-system shows one particular characteristic of the stop-start automatic. Of particular interest, is the application of a super-condenser from the US-manufacturer Maxwell (see picture 2).

Condensators, as a battery substitute or at least a battery supplement, has always been repeatedly spoken of. We are reminded of an idea that BMW had (see picture), to mount them in a row, e.g., in the pillars. Their low weight, fast assimilation and output of charge and their longevity, would make them predestined for use in motor cars. Indeed, in the meantime, one hears nothing more of them.

The starting should be taken care of by the starter/generator (2,2 kW) in 400 milliseconds, twice as fast as before. The necessary performance peaks will be provided by the condenser. Apparently, 'up to' 15 percent fuel savings will be possible, including of course the respectively lower environmental pollution.

Remarkable is also that there are no longer any restrictions placed on the on the on-board current supply during the stop-phase. E.g., the windscreen wipers don't necessarily have to switched to the interval mode during the stopping period. By the way, the maximum charging time during recuperation takes no longer than 30 seconds. The Maxwell company states that a half a million charging-cycles are possible.

Indeed, at the moment, the extra costs for the system cannot be determined. In the entire PSA-concern, it would appear that there is no price tag for the system to be found. Only in individual CitroŽn-models (see picture 4 above), does it appear in the technical data-sheet. So, perhaps Continental was justified for giving out a warning. All one can now do, is wait for the arrival of 48 volts batteries (Video 2). 08/15