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Hybrid-electric drives (terms)

Definition of a hybrid drive
At least 2 different energy converters
At least 2 corresponding storage systems (e.g., tank, battery)

1. Differentiation of the hybrid-drives
Parallel hybridCombustion engine and electro-motor are both mechanically connected to the drive train.
Seriel hybridOnly the electro-motor ist mechanically connected to the drive train. The combustion engine serves only to generate current.

2. Differentiation of the hybrid-drives
 Start-StoppElectro-Boost, brake-
with only the electro-motor

Plug-in hybrid
Full-hybrid, which can be re-charged from an outlet socket.

The above shown differences are not valid without exception. E.g., nowadays, Honda produces mild-hybrids, which make possible, at least for a short period, operation using only the electro-drive. 02/10

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