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Perfectly adapted to the 'i-design' ...

No, one can't simply charge a sinfully expensive i8 on a, if you'll forgive the expression, 'normal wallbox'. I would really like to criticise the enormous effort put into the above shown wallbox. Have a look at the last video on the page, which by the way, was made in Berlin.

One can react to tariff-reductions ...

I personally, would be satisfied with the one shown on the left in picture 1, because one can get all the information one needs through a Smartphone anyway. The progress of the charging process can also be seen from a distance through the LED light-strip. Apart from this, the Wallbox Pro with its 7-inch colour display and energy counter, is at 2.200 pretty expensive, especially if one can also be had for 895.

Unfortunately a super fast charging is not possible ...

In addition, it goes without saying, that the installation, done by experts, must also be paid for. Annoying: The perhaps available 3-phase current can't be used. With a maximum of 20 Amperes, the i3 still needs just under 5 hours. The Wallbox does however, take the house consumption into consideration. In addition, the Wallbox Pro gives information concerning the charging history and can even control additional functions in the house.

In California an electricity-mix is used ...

The electricity-mix function is probably what long-time owners of a photovoltaic systems in Germany don't particularly need. In this case, the device, if it's been set up this way, takes in as much self-generated energy as it can get. So, if in the future, the reimbursement for supplying the electricity grid is further reduced, it may even be interesting for users in this country. 12/14               Top of page               Index
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