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Electric Bicycle (Pedelec) 1

Motor250 - 350 W
Top speedApprox. 30 km/h
RangeUp to approx. 80 km (ECO mode)
Up to approx. 50 km (normal-mode)
Net weight24 - 35 kg

In Germany, the electric powered bicycle is classified as a mofa (motorised bicycle). It requires an insurance number plate and the rider is required to wear a crash-helmet. The Pedelec, on the other hand, which assists the rider only if he/she actively pedals the machine, provides assistance up to a speed of 25 km/h. For those who wish to travel faster, there is no assistance, the work must be done by the rider alone.

The motor can be found mounted in the front- or in the rear wheel and it may also be in the pedal-crank. Some experts warn against the front-wheel drive. In contrast to the motor car, they feel that the front wheel may sometimes lose it's grip on slippery roads. This is not apparent when taking a test-ride. The pulling power of the motor up front is very pleasant and makes bicycle riding easier than ever.

For those, where the doctor has prescribed cycling as a rehabilitation measure, the Pedelec is, perhaps in the beginning, the right choice. It is also suitable for those who would like to travel a lot faster and sweat a lot less, than they would using a customary bicycle. One must however, be very careful, the motor does have a surprisingly perceptible amount of power.

Apart from the motor-power, it is also worthwhile to compare the characteristics of the various batteries because they are the key to a reasonable amount of range. Whether or not one feels that the range must be 100 km, depends entirely on the purpose (and the size of your wallet). Ordinary bicycles, with a high center of gravity and where the wheelbase remains the same, and are basically, simply adapted for a motor, can be had for less than €1000. The mid-range prices vary from between €1000 to a little more than €2000, for the top of the range machines, the sky's the limit. 05/12

Rocky, slippery, steep - where Pedelecs play out their strengths