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 Lithium-ion Battery


The fire-proof membrane in the center allows only Lithium-ion through.

The positive electrode is made of metal Oxide, the negative of Carbon. Other metals such as Nickle, Cobalt or Mangnese are also used. Because the Lithium-ions are smaller, only they can pass from one side to the other through the special separator.

The electrolyte must be absolutely free of water..

Lithium and water, this provides a strong reaction with the danger of fire for both the accumulator and the car. For this reason, the electrolyte solution is free of water. Moreover, in the meantime, there are membranes as separators which have the finest ceramic platelets and can withstand a temperature of 600C, at the same time, still remaining movable.

Chargingleft -> right
Dischargingright -> left

The voltage range (2,5 V- 4,1 V) must always be maintained when charging/discharging, otherwise the accumulator cell will be destroyed. A suitable protective circuit is integrated into the AC/DC-inverter. 12/10               Top of page               Index
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