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Six Speed - Three Shafts


We're looking for a six-speed, non-aligned gearbox for a transverse, horizontally mounted engine. First of all, it's all about a particularly compact construction length. Of course it's clear that, in a transverse engine, one can't simply add any number of gears.Apart from that, it should also be long enough for engines with more than four cylinders.This engine however, means a lot more as a sequential gearbox with the fast shifting operation of twin clutch system.In fact it could even edge out the automatic gearbox.


Actually there are four shafts, but the return shaft does not count. Thus three real shafts remain, the drive shaft can be seen at the front, in the middle with the multiple gearwheels. From there it first of all, goes down, with the first four gears. Up to now, apart from the swapped 1st-2nd gear and 3rd-4th gear no difference to the customary gearbox can be noticed.
An additional gearwheel is pressed onto the drive shaft for the fifth gear. It transfers the torque to the top, rear shaft. It is shifted onto this shaft by an, because of the offset gearwheel, extra-wide sliding clutch. If it is moved to the left, the sixth gear is engaged. The torque of the sixth- and the fourth gear is transferred by the same gearwheel on the drive shaft. Therefore, the drive shafts, now on the gearwheel of the axle drive (at the back on the left -always in red) have different ratios.
Now only the reverse gear remains. Here, the gearwheel of the first gear on the drive shaft, takes over a double function. From this gearwheel the torque is transferred by two gearwheels on the fourth shaft to the third gearwheel from the left on the top rear drive shaft. This synchronised reverse gear is shifted by a sliding clutch, which is found hidden behind the return shaft on the left, next to the third gearwheel.
Through the double function of a further gearwheel on the drive shaft, one could do without one more gearwheel and achieve a shorter construction length, however, one would no longer be quite as independent in the choice of the individual gear ratios. 11/10

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