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Ecosplit Gearbox


The above figure shows an open view of a 16-speed gearbox for heavy utility vehicles. On the right hand side it is flanged onto the engine. The sliding collar for the pre-shift group can also be seen there. To the left following, one after the other, are the shift forks for 4th/3rd gear, the 2nd/1st gear and the reverse gear of the four-speed transmission. Then on the far left, behind a dividing wall, the planetary gearbox for the downstream group transmission, which works like a 2-speed gearbox, is joined on. The whole thing is packed into an aluminium case.
Interesting is the relatively low inclined angle of the cogs, which, although it makes the gearbox a little noisier, with the high torque to be transferred, also does not allow the axial forces in the shafts to rise too strongly. Furthermore, oil lines for certain gearwheel pairs or bearings are visible. With truck gearboxes the splash-lubrication is not sufficient. In addition an oil pump is installed, which makes the removal of parts of the cardan shaft necessary when towing. 07/09               Top of page               Index
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