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Video Digital Technology
Video Resistor 1
Video Resistor 2
Video Resistance 3
Video Wire Restistance
Video Parallel Connection
Video Serial Connection
Video Serial Connection
Video Light Emitting Diode
Video Zener diode
Video LED Lamps
Video Signal Lights
Video Indicator Flasher
Video LED (Wiring Diagram)
Video Photo LED
Video Lighting 1
Video Lighting 2
Video Current Control
Video Wiring Diagrams

Video Electronics 1

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Wiring diagrams

Parallel connection
Serial connection
How an LED works
How a foto-LED works
Current-flow control with a transistor
Various open current relays in action
Seven-segment display (simple switching)
Seven-segment display(switching through an IC)
Indicator circuit
Hazard warning flasher with a controll lamp
AND, OR, NOT, EXCL. etc. (digital technology)
Internal circuit of a pressure sensor
Throttle-flap potentiometer (internal circuit)
Generator, voltage regulator und battery (illustration)
Generator, voltage regulator und battery (animation)
Lighting system (four headlights) with foglight
Lighting system (two headlights) with a controll lamp
Circuit for additional lighting
A functional ignition-coil with contact breaker
Circuit for simple central locking
Wiring diagram of a 1964 VW 1200
Wiring diagram of a Motronic with OBD               Top of page               Index
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