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 Engine Oil-Finder

Electrical Power Requirement

Power demand (14 V) of all temporary or permanently switched on devices (energy conversion)

Ignition system20 W
Electr. fuel pump70 W
Electron. petrol injection100 W
Radio12 W
Dipped beam110 W
Marker lamps8 W
Rear light10 W
License plate light10 W
Dashboard light10 W

Power demand (14 V) of all short term devices (energy conversion)

Blower for heating and/or fan820 W 0,50420,0 W
Heated rear window120 W 0,5060,0 W
Wiper60 W 0,2515,0 W
Electr. cooler100 W 0,1010,0 W
Auxiliary-full beam120 W 0,1012,0 W
Brake light42 W 0,104,2 W
Indicator lights42 W 0,104,2 W
Fog lamp70 W 0,107,0 W
Rear fog lamp35 W 0,103,5 W

Power demand (14 V) for generators

P W (14V)-250 W250-350 W350-450 W450-550 W550-675 W 675-800 W800-950 W
In 28A35A45A55A65A75A90A


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