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 Engine Oil-Finder

Air Compressor

With the highest possible efficiency, the compressor should provide the air supply to the air brake and the air suspension system if existing. Previously there were only one- or two-cylinder compressors (pictures above) cooled by air, liquid and/or oil. Compressors with more cylinders were reserved for the railways (picture below), of the pneumatic brakes originated.

Meanwhile, there are also trucks compressors with more than two cylinders. They are connected by belt or gear drive to the crankshaft of the engine. In between now also a clutch (pictured below) can be installed. This allows the compressor to be completely separated, which can save up to 1,000 liters of fuel at 150,000 km per year.

It resembles the piston engine and as a two-cylinder, the crank mechanism is similar to the two-stroke engine. Instead of a cam-operated valve drive, two rebound-flatter valves are sufficient for each cylinder. It is directly lubricated by the oil supply of the engine or through a pipeline and draws the necessary air from the air filter.

Following this is the pressure control valve, which forces it to either generate a pressure of, from 8 to 12 bar, or to remain inactive if its pressure is released into the open. 04/13

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