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All Tests
F7 F9 

Voltage regulating

     bk Simmerath


Everything is digitised, also the generator control through the regulator. A variable height of the delivered generator tension should be possible. Furthermore, the microprocessor output is simpler to realise as a duty-cycle.

How it works

No longer is the height of the exciter voltage decisive for the control of the generator, but the duty-cycle. Whereby, a voltage of approx. 14V is laid during a certain, very small time span on the exciter winding. This voltage is switched off for the remainder of the time span. Now the duty-cycle indicates the proportion of switched-on time during the entire time span.

The last figure of the harmonics and the exciter voltage together, show that the harmonics rises if the exciter voltage rises and falls, if the rotor is free of tension. If this is known, one can, during the examination of the harmonics, in addition, read out the state of the generator demand. 06/09

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