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Video Digital Technology

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On-board-computer (operation)



It is generally accepted that the operation of on-board computers is sometimes too complicated. This is particularly the case, when one tries to control all the functions using an input button with too many different levels. In the above picture a model can be seen with a simpler, straightforward and thus easier operation.

We'll ignore the uppermost row of buttons, which apart from the center button, control the air-conditioning, which can be seperatly adjusted for each side. We'll also ignore the lowermost row which controls the radio/CD functions. What we have left are, apart from the rotary selector, 8 buttons which can be individually programmed and 6 which have pre-determined functions and allow the quick changing from one function to the other.

Modern systems even work with a speech in- and output module. However, in a new car, the computer must be programmed to recognise the voice/s of the individual driver/s. After that, it works almost free of problems. Destination countries are recognised by speaking the whole word, cities and towns must sometimes be spelled out. Also possible is a numeric menu, where one simply selects a certain number. Naturally, the instructions are then spoken, and of course, the more expensive models have a rotary selection button and the output follows on a display monitor. In this case, even infinitely variable zooming is possible. 08/08               Top of page               Index
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