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Video Digital Technology

Video Digital Electronic 1
Video Digital Electronic 2
Video Digital Electronic 3
Video Digital Electronic 4
Video Digital Electronic 5
Video Digital Electronic 6
Video Digital Electronic 7

Video Digital Control Unit
Video Chiptuning 1
Video Chiptuning 2
Video Diode
Video Transistor 1
Video Transistor 2
Video Computer 1
Video Computer 2
Video Trip Computer 1
Video Trip Computer 2
Video Navigation Systems
Video Truck Tollcharge
Video On Board Diagnosis
Video Smartphone in car 1
Video Smartphone in car 2

Video Telematics 1
Video Telematics 2
Video Telematics 3
Video Telematics 4
Video Telematics 5
Video Telematics 6
Video Telematics 7
Video Telematics 8
Video Telematics 9
Video Telematics 10
Video Telematics 11

Video CAN 1 (Dis-)Advantages
Video CAN 2 Data transfer
Video CAN 3 Data integrity
Video CAN 4 Priority 1
Video CAN 5 Priority 2
Video CAN 6 Data block
Video CAN 7 Hardware
Video CAN 8 Gateway
Video CAN 9 Errors 1
Video CAN 10 Errors 2

Video LIN Bus
Video MOST Bus
Video FlexRay 1
Video FlexRay 2
Video Glass Fibre
Video Logical Connections
Video Wiring Diagrams
Video Oscilloscope 1
Video Oscilloscope 2
Video Oscilloscope 3
Video Radar Technology 1
Video Radar Technology 2
Video Fuzzy Logic
Video Data Compression
Video Reed Switch
Video Voltage Regulation
Video Clock Valve
Video History of IT
Video 7-segment Display 1
Video 7-segment Display 2

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On-board computer


Motor vehicles are equipped mainly with on-board computers, so that the driver can be forewarned in the event of tail-backs and to help with the finding of the best route. Some models also have an automatic help call in the event of an accident or a breakdown. Earlier, there was the emission of vehicle data and warning notices. Phone, radio, audio-cd and television can be integrated. The monitor can also be useful as a parking assistent and sometimes can also for equipped with night-vision.


The satellite technology for the determining of position, vehicle electronics e.g., for the exact distance measurement, communication technology common in the cellular phone and modern computer technology all co-operate with each other. In addition, there is the sensible placing of the display and hopefully, it is easy to operate, so that the driver is distracted as little as possible. Perhaps the speech-input module is the most suitable method of communication when driving.

With that, we come to the cell-phone. Naturally, hands-free equipment is stipulated and (almost) no-one takes any notice of it. The Bluetooth-technology and some others, make it possible to leave the cell-phone in your pocket and still be able to make a call from its phone-card. It is even possible to have two or more phones in the vehicle. One simply has to tell the hands free device that they are there and change the user in the device. The operation via a rotary button is also available in some models. Fortunately, the writing of short messages (SMS) is still not allowed. 08/08               Top of page               Index
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