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On-board computer

How did that start? Originally, the on-board computer was a device to facilitate the diagnosis. VW had its own test stand, on which the small computer in the car was connected to the workshop computer . BMW had its own field in the dashboard, which allowed even 'checks' while driving.

In the meantime, these humble beginnings have become a veritable calculating machine, the domestic desktop computer in terms of computing power in no way inferior. It serves partly as a key replacement, is already connected wirelessly in the car. The built-in SIM card conquers after the premium class even the lower vehicle classes.

If the VW Beetle would still be the cheapest car in use today, its digitization could look like this. Unfortunately, the smartphone can be installed only seemingly burglarproofed here, because you need it even after getting out.

With Mirrorlink and Android Auto, one ties in the one smartphone world and with Apple Carplay, however, with 750 to 1100 euros almost reaching the price of the cheapest permanently installed devices.

Unlike these, the normal cell phone/smartphone is virtually unprotected. Because of its small size, it can also be easily misplaced, at least by the people who do not want to have it all the time at themselves. While in this case, a search app would be successful, in the case of theft it probably does not help. So who does not get a new one due to a special contract and then without big costs should think about insurance.

Beautiful new world, but also vulnerable, e.g. because of hacker attacks and difficulties with the operation. Popular topic here: How good is the voice control in my car? But keep in mind with the remaining difficulties here, your hands stay on the steering wheel. Almost all activities, which distract the concentration from the road, the legislature has rightly prohibited. 08/08

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