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Dual-spring nozzle


In theory, it could also be used in Common-Rail systems. However, because these perform the multiple injection better and more quietly, the dual-spring nozzle is no longer necessary here. At the time of its development, multiple injection had not yet arrived. Vehicles with direct injection systems were still rough running and noisy. From this point of view, the dual-spring nozzle once offered a certain solution to the problem.


Seen from the outside, perhaps the only difference is in the construction length. Two springs, a soft one (above in green) and a harder one (above in red) work one after the other. As soon as the injection pressure is applied from below to the nozzle shoulder, it is lifted a little against the green spring, thus injecting only a small amount. Only then doe the full stroke of the needle follow, working against both springs to provide the full amount of injection. 12/10               Top of page               Index
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