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 Engine Oil-Finder

In-line Injection Pump (injection timing)


The injection-timing control should adjust, depending on the engine RPMs and the work-load, the point of the injection begin and thus, the beginning of the combustion in the diesel engine.


Regulation according to the engine RPMs: For the regulation of the injection begin there is an automatic injection adjuster mounted on the drive-shaft of the in-line injection pump, (see above figure on the right) which turns the cam-shaft of the injection pump, with increasing engine RPMs, in the opposite rotation direction to the shaft driven by the engine. The stroke in the pump elements, and thus the injection begin, takes place earlier.

Regulation according to the work-load: In this case, the pump pistons (plungers) are additionally equipped with an upper control-edge. Its bevel is opposite to that of the lower control-edge. It causes an earlier beginning of delivery by twisting the piston in the direction of maximum work-load. In this area, the lower control-edge is thus adapted, that with the rotation of the piston, the delivery amount continuously increases. In the beginning, it can even run horizontally, because the increase in the amount of fuel is reached through the upper control-edge. 04/10

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