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Electronic Axial Piston Pump


The axial piston pump was given an electronic- rather than the available mechanical control -to enable the application of identity fields, thus making the pump easier to adapt to varying deployment areas. In addition, it also enables the acceptance of -and the passing on of the values from other control devices (networking), the valuating of additional parameters is also simpler.


The regulation of the axial piston pump encompasses two areas: the amount regulation and the injection-begin control. Amount regulation: A transducer in the accelerator pedal informs he control device as to how much engine power is desired. At the same time, an inductive pick-up on the flywheel registers the engine RPMs. Together with the signals, e.g., from the coolant and the fuel temperature, the control device determines the correct injection amount. The regulator valve is brought into the correct position by the quantity actuator. Injection-beginning regulation: The needle-motion sensor in the nozzle announces the actual fuel injection starting point. In addition, the signals from the inductive pick-up (RPMs), the accelerator pedal transducer (load) among others, are evaluated. Through a stroke valve in the feed from the inside of the pump to the injection timing device its deflection, and with it the correct position of the roller-ring (beginning of delivery) is regulated.


Induction pick-up (position of the crankshaft, RPMs), accelerator pedal transducer (load), distance actuator, temperature sensor (coolant, fuel), needle movement sensor (injection start), air-volume- or air-flow volume meter or pressure sensors in the inlet manifold (in the case of charged engines).


Servo-motor for the the regulator valve, stroke valve for the injection timing, EMRGENCY STOP valve. 05/10

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