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Throttle Pintle Nozzle


The throttle pintle nozzle should inject the Diesel fuel at 130 bar pressure into the rotating air stream of the swirl chamber or the hot ball of the precombustion chamber for Diesel engines with side combustion chamber.

How it works

A pre-loaded spring keeps the nozzle needle closed. The fuel is pressed with high-pressure (see the arrow) into the nozzle case, lifting the needle in the center. Opening partly, there is a pre-ray. This distinguishes the throttle pintle nozzle from the pintle type fuel injector nozzle. The pre-ray comes about by the conical pintle at the end of the needle. Also, the conical pintle makes the combustion smoother.
The needle is lubricated by leak-off oil. The oil is gathered, and redirected to the tank.


The release pressure is determined by the pre-load with which the spring presses the needle into its position. Adjusting shims make the pressure variable.