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Common Rail - Repair 3

Of course, time was once again running out, and then there was also this traffic jam in the road-works area. After the tail-back one tries to make up for the time lost, without behaving like a hooligan. Instead however, the car engine goes on strike. One notices it straight away, when the accelerator is pressed and nothing happens.

After checking it at the next motorway service area, one decides that further searching is pointless. So, one carries on in emergency running mode, with a lot of effort at 100 km/h, steeper motorway stretches are almost impossible and even dangerous. Who programmed it like this? This was the first problem with this car, so first of all, a cable and the respective software is ordered on the internet, then a wait of three days.

The reading out of the error-memory functioned without activation. The activation failed because of a short term WLAN breakdown in the garage. The problem is: the software only allows one attempt (!). Thus, tried sending an email, malfunction, retried the email. After three days I got the activation, indeed, even though I had laid out a bit more for the software, it didn't supply me with the necessary values.

The error memory reported a faulty injector on cylinder No. 1. Of course, one would like to check this report, indeed, despite the fact that my engine was included in the listing, the software didn't offer the possibility. The next step was to measure the flow-back amounts. The flexible tubes, which were unbelievably tight, were damaged and two T-pieces were broken off.

In internet the flexible tube could be ordered, but not the T-pieces. VW sells only the complete system for the incredible price of € 87* plus VAT. The volume-measurement and the replacement of the injector were confirmed by the error memory report. The injectors were still quite new, the removal of Nos. 1 and 2, contrary to my expectations, posed no problem. The attempt to have No. 1 repaired failed. Apparently, the electrics were burnt out.

Okay, now with a reconditioned injector, probably much older that the previous one, but with as good as new hydraulics. Unfortunately, because of the outrageously high COD it, once again, was also more expensive. In the end: The control-lamp stayed off and the error memory had no report to make, the renewed measurement of the flow-back amounts (see video below), were fairly gratifying. However, was all this worth the effort?, and who can do without the car for such a long time? 07/15
*For the V6-Audi with 10 bar of pressure in the return-line you're even going to have to lay out about € 200.