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 Engine Oil-Finder

Supply Pump (Common Rail)


The high-pressure pump of a common rail device requires a steady influx. Whereby, all the functional elements, eg, the fuel filter, should be on the pressure side. The demands on the lubrication qualities of the liquids to be transported, can safely be high. Diesel oil has, in this respect, really good properties.Why was this pump however, rationalised away and replaced by one powered by electricity? Simply because then, the tanks could be uniformly created for diesel and petrol vehicles alike.


An external gear pump is unrivalled as far as its simplicity is concerned. Two gearwheels, which can even have the same number of teeth, in this case, because of the low torque to be transferred through the single cog pairs, mesh with each other and carry the liquid to be transported in the gear-teeth gaps. In the case of this diesel fuel pump, the power is supplied by the camshaft, to one of the two gearwheels. Apart from that, only the sealing of the circumferential O-ring must be heeded. Blow-back valves or other regulators are not necessary. Constant high pressure is guaranteed. As one can see with external gear pumps in the lubricating oil cycle, it may necessarily, be higher than in a common rail device.

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