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Outboard Four-stroke Engine


The name 'Outboard motor' already points it out. Here a complete, very light power train assembly with internal combustion engine, start mechanism, gear reduction and screwing drive is fastened to the rear of a boat. For both big clamps a crosswise attached board is sufficient. Because of the lower weight to power ratio two-stroke engines are common.

How it works

Above a classical example of a smaller outboard motor is displayed. Recognizing the timing belt for the camshaft drive with its typical gear ratio, you might make out the four-stroke engine. It is arranged horizontal and has two cylinders in row. Its spark plugs are supplied by a double spark coil. Behind the engine parts of the carburetor stand out. The two-cylinder transmits its force onto a vertically arranged crankshaft. At the bottom of the crankshaft the screw is driven via a longer shaft and two bevel wheels. On the other side of the crankshaft the engine can be started using the rolled up cable. This cable ends in the rear in a T-piece where it can be reached from the boat relatively easily and be pulled out relatively quickly. Handling the boat further, there is either a long bar with rotary handle to accelerate or Bowden cables for any positioning in the boat.               Top of page               Index
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