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The first Motronic was already there before the introduction of the Lambda sensor. If one had known, that also the other fuel injection systems would be combined with the ignition, one would probably have called it LE-Motronic. The outdated contact-breaker controlled ignition did no longer fit in with the modern, electronic fuel injection.

How it works

Two inductive sensors on the flywheel determine the RPMs and the reference mark. If required, the somewhat coarse cog-tooth pitch can be electronically divided into smaller time units. All that's left over from the former distributor, is only the high-voltage distribution (in this case on one of the two camshafts). The ignition coil receives the amplified signal, (terminal 1) calculated for the respective load and engine speed from the control device.


Lambda sensor, air volume meter, temperature sensor (coolant), throttle switch, ignition signal (terminal 1).


Injection valve, relay (fuel pump)

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