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Petrol Injection 1
Petrol Injection 2
Petrol Injection 3
Petrol Injection 4
Petrol Injection 5
B-Dir. Combustion
Dir. Petrol Injection 1
Dir. Petrol Injection 2
Dir. Petrol Injection 3
Dir. Petrol Injection 4
Dir. Petrol Injection 5
Petrol Injection Kugelf.
Homog. Working
Stratified-charge Oper.
Fuel Distrib.
Induction System
Petrol Injection Signal 1
Petrol Injection Signal 2
Idle Speed Device
Mass Air Flow Sensor 1
Mass Air Flow Sensor 2
Mass Air Flow Sensor 3
System Press. Reg. 1
System Press. Reg. 2
Injection Valve
Ind. Pulse Generator
Single Point Injection 1
Single Point Injection 2
Single Point Injection 3
Single Point Injection 4
Unregistrated Air
Lambda Sensor 1 - Generally
Lambda Sensor 2 - Finger Sensor
Lambda Sensor 3 - Planar Sensor
Lambda Sensor 4 - Voltage
Lambda Sensor 5- Broadband
Lambda Sensor 6 - Repair
Thermo Time Switch
Side-channel Pump
Peripheral Pump

First Fuel Pump
Petrol Injection Pump
D-Jetronic (MPI)
KE-Jetroncic - Test, Diagn.
Vol. Air Flow Sensor
Idle Speed Device
Aux. Air Valve
Thermo Time Switch
Roller Vane Pump

Petrol injection 1
Petrol injection 2
Petrol injection 3
Petrol injection 4
Petrol injection 5
Petrol injection 6
Petrol injection 7
Petrol injection 8
Petrol injection 9
Petrol injection 10
Petrol injection 11
Petrol injection 12
Petrol injection 13
Petrol injection 14
Petrol injection 15
Petrol injection 16

Fuel Distribution (injection)


The fuel should be prepared and provided for the individual cylinders. Apart from this, it should be insulated and kept away from the hot cylinder head. Nonetheless, all the injector nozzles which are directed to the inlet valves, must be connected.


In the above figure, the fuel distribution for a V-12 cyl. Engine can be seen. The injectors here are supplied from above (top feed), as is usual for injection systems with flow-back. They cannot function well with higher fuel temperatures.


The distributor pipes have a pipe-diameter width which ensures the smallest possible amount of pressure drop while injecting. 05/10