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Xenon-light -colour


The oncoming traffic (with Halogen-lights) notices it by the greater blinding effect, Xenon-light should, in it's colour, be very similar to natural daylight, thus making the changeover from daytime- to night-driving easier.


In the above picture a comparison between Xenon-(left) and Halogen-(right) light is shown. By clicking on the individual buttons one can see the colour changes which take place after being switched on for a certain amount of time. This shows, that the distinct bluish hew is actually, only present in the beginning. The Xenon-light colour relatively quickly approaches that of the Halogen-light. The blueness decreases clearly. 05/11

The full brightnes is achieved after ...
Gas-discharge lamp0,2 ms
Light Emitting Diode2 ms
Halogen-lamp200 ms               Top of page               Index
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