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Locked out

For a long time now you've had no reason to be angry with your car, or with yourself? This can be arranged quite easily. All you have to do is, when you're on holiday, open only the boot to put your luggage in, together with the car key. The moment you close the boot, your target will have been reached, there is nothing you can do about it. Of course this action only makes sense if the spare key is far, far away, e.g., at home. Don't even think about taking the spare key with you on holiday, unless it is stowed away safely somwhere in your luggage.

The breakdown services have cleverly devised systems, and using the most impossible methods, can get into any car. Mostly they come directly from the manufacturers, who have obviously thought out the way to solve the problem. Thus, one should not be surprised to discover that the 'motor car mafia' also has access to all this information. They often lay bets, on how many minutes, or seconds they need, to get into a car. There are however, also the so-called pro's who operate with inflatable cushions and additional mechanical aids. The result: A steep bill and possibly scratches on the paintwork.

Some people believe, that with these comfortable-access features, this sort of thing can't happen. Unfortunately it can, if the key is safely stowed away inside the car. There used to be a miniature version of the key, which could be hidden in a secret place somewhere in or on the car. Indeed, now that our cars are streamlined and have no niches anywhere, the safe storage is almost impossible. At the bottom of the page, the Mr.Bean video shows you exactly how it should be done. The only other solution, is to keep it in your wallet, indeed, the modern car-keys are too bulky for that.

Even if, up to now, one can at least have a chuckle over this type of situation, it also has a very serious aspect. If someone has, intentionally or unintentionally, locked themselves in the car, it can become dangerous. Then the so-called Safety-Lock function is activated, this makes it impossible to open the doors or the windows, even from inside the car. On a hot summer day, it was only the determined use of a heavy stone that saved an older man from suffering a heat-stroke. 12/11

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