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Cars for Disabled Persons

A lot of efforts, in the beginning with few electronics

It is interesting how strongly the manufacturers take care of the group of disabled persons with detailed descriptions and price-lists. Strikingly also thatelectronics found its way to this market somewhat belated. For a long time the electronic accelerator pedal was connected mechanically to a hand lever, for example.The main reason may be to keep the possibility of easily changing the vehicle back into a "normal one".

Gear boxes and suitability for non-disabled

A lot of care is also applied to supplying a large variety. Thus, there are adaptation kits for vehicles with gear boxes, although the expenditure would be lower withan automatic transmission. Sometimes the adaptation becomes especially complex due to the fact that a vehicle should be usable be both disabled and non-disabledpersons. Most manufacturers are not content with the variation that would imply drastic changes for the disabled. Thus, you are able to choose whether the acceleratorpedal should be arranged to the right or to the left of the brake pedal.

Different setting of tasks

The design shown on top in picture 4 is suitable rather for student drivers than for disabled persons. Precisely, for the driving instructor who must engage in thedriving when required, if necessary also by pressing the gas pedal. However, while in this case the setting of tasks is quite clear, it most often is not for theequipment of a vehicle suitable for disabled persons. This is quiet obvious as there are numerous kinds of impediments.

Pedals can be extended, or moved altogether to the hand area

Considering the missing operating possibilities for one or all the pedals, it is either possible to extend them, individually or together, or to move them into thehand area (pictures 2 and 3). Of course, alternatively to the left or to the right of the steering wheel. This also applies for a foot parking brake. By the way, akind of electric park brake exists already for some time among the equipment suitable for disabled. For small-grown people all operational controls can be extendedaccordingly and it is possible to have an additional floor inserted. Another possibility of controlling a vehicle totally without pedals is to use a joystick foracceleration and braking.

Easier steering and linguistic control

Disabled persons with arm impediments may be helped with a knob at the steering wheel, an increased power steering, or changed electric lever systems. Sometimes youmight want to consider a complete rearrangement to linguistic control. Additionally, it is possible to place extra operating keys into the steering wheel, or a flatscreen with menu control as close as possible. The vehicle can be steered through the traffic by one-armed without problems. At the same time it is possible for non-disabled to make use of the car, for example by retracting the operational controls temporarily.

Various possibilities for moving from wheel chair to driver's seat

A lot of expenditure is going into the seat. The easiest change is to apply extended seat rails, taking it a little further you may fold, turn, or swivel the frontpassenger seats. The for the moment newest device is a loading system with which a wheel chair driver may mount the driver's seat without help and stow away the wheelchair mechanically through a door that opens to the rear (picture 1).

Sometimes custom-built, almost always with technical certificate

The (temporary) peak is the possibility of driving without hands which goes back to a system of Eberhard Franz from the year 1965.Of course, this text just provides asmall insight into the possibilities that are offered. A wide range of custom-built adaptations are possible. However, in almost all cases it is necessary beforeengaging in regular traffic to obtain a medical certificate and a technical certificate, even if the driving license is already age-old. 08/08

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