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 Engine Oil-Finder

Six-gears Automatic Transmission


This is a six-speed automatic gearbox for vehicles with front engine and rear-wheel drive. On the left, the gearbox is flange-mounted to the engine, on the right it carries on with the cardan drive shaft. The clutch housing on the left contains the grey painted torque converter. The impeller (on the gearbox side) has been partially cut open. One can recognise the guide wheel in the middle and the turbine wheel on the left. If we now look carefully further to the right, a slightly larger casing in which the primary oil pump (probably as a crescent-gear pump) works, comes into view. It is driven by the converter casing and thus by the engine through the impeller.

The fully automatic gear-box contains primarily, multiple-disc clutches, those on the extreme outside, linked with the casing should actually be called, rib brakes. In addition there is a simple planetary system in the front with double planet wheels for the forward gears. At the rear, a double planetary system with a return flow barrier combined with a multiple-disc clutch is accommodated. Among other things, the reverse gear is also engaged here. On the far right the parking lock is also recognizable. 09/08

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