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Video Multi-cylinder Engine
Video Inl. 2-cyl. 4-stroke
Video Inl. 2-cyl. 2-stroke
Video Opp. 2-cylinder
Video 2-cyl. V-engine
Video Inl. 3-cylinder
Video Inl. 4-cylinder
Video Opp. 4-cyl. 1
Video Opp. 4-cyl. 2
Video Inl. 5-cylinder
Video 5-cyl. V-Engine
Video Inl. 6-cylinder
Video 6-cyl. V-inline-engine
Video 6-cyl. V-engine
Video Opp. 6-cylinder
Video 8-cyl. Firing Order
Video 8-cyl. V-engine
Video 8-cyl.-V-Classic
Video V-8 Cylinder Block
Video V8 Turbo Engine
Video W-8 Cylinder Block
Video V-10 Cylinder Block
Video V-10 Diesel Engine
Video V-10 Porsche Engine
Video V-12 Engine
Video V-12 Cylinder Block
Video V-12 Ferrari Engine
Video W-12 Cylinder Block
Video W-12 Engine
Video Radial Engine
Video Rotary Radial Engine

Video Multi-cylinder 1
Video Multi-cylinder 2

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Continously Variable Transmission

Between Variomatic and multitronic

This automatic gearbox regulates the gear ratio infinitely variable and, besides, holds the engine speed in the area of the best possible efficiency, highest performance/torque or fewest emissions. It stands in the tradition of the Variomatic, however, has found in the multitronic already a more modern successor.

Shear forces on single steel limbs

A steel thrust belt consisting of single steel elements (figure 2) transfers torque from one pulley linked to the crankshaft onto the other which leads to the final drive. The pulleys consist in each case of two parts, thereby having adjustable effective diameters. If both parts are pushed together, the effective diameter of the steel thrust belt becomes bigger and must be reduced at the other pulley accordingly. The transmission ratio can be adapted infinitely variable to the demands. In the animation on top the possible smallest and biggest gear ratio are displayed. A planetary gearbox is necessary for reverse driving (on top between clutch and belt drive). The service elements resemble those of the graded fully automatic system.
As a clutch a torque converter, a magnetic particle clutch or an electronically operated dry clutch or wet clutch are possible. 10/08               Top of page               Index
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