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Sequential Gearbox (additional

Tendency towards automated gear boxes

Are the internal combustion engines to accompany us for a longer time, the sequential gearbox probably has the best chances with a twin-clutch gearbox. Because more than six gears, for greater ratio-spreading and fuel saving, can hardly be changed manually, the development of automation probably can not be ignored. An important competitor is the fully automatic gearbox which is also moving in the direction of fuel saving through more gears and less application of the torque converter.

Amount of gears can be increased without too much effort

The aims of the development are not yet to replace the fully automatic system. However, in the above figure, the trend towards modularisation is clearly recognisable. Basically, an actuator is built into a customary gear box for clutch and gear changing. If the gears need not be changed individually, and the gear-change operation is carried out smoothly, the number of gears could be increased up to eight. This number of gears (see truck!) is, with skilful interpretation, feasible with the same number of gear-wheels as in a six-speed gear box.

Modular operation for gearboxes mandatory

In the above figure a complete gear box can be seen ready for transverse mounting with the joined fifth gear and final drive completely on the right. On the left the compressor and reservoir unit. On the right, with the help of the hydraulics, the changing mechanics of the gearbox are operated. In the centre, the pneumatic (vacuum) clutch is operated. Of course, these attachments mean excess weight, which will however, be compensated, to a degree someday, by the omission of the synchronisation. 10/08               Top of page               Index
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