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So inspiring, e.g., the dual-clutch gearbox seems with its lack of interruption of the traction, however, it has two disadvantages.. The first is already obvious when buying a new car: the price. This text is intended to deal with the second disadvantage.

Namely, while the ordinary manual transmission is usually freed from oil changes, this obligation exists even further for dual clutch and/or automatic transmission. A glance at the operating manual provides explanations..

Let us assume as changing interval 60,000 kilometres. Then it's still not clear for which oil in the gearbox that applies. Yes, you read that right. A (automatic) transmission may contain more than one oil filling. An oil filling also can be distributed over several chambers with different filling levels.

Nothing of the sort: fill in ATF oil and finished! Indeed, it can be in use ATF and normal gear oil in the transmission side by side, the former e.g. for the mechatronic part, the latter for the gear operation.. And if you're thinking now, in total only 2 oils would come into consideration , you are slightly in error. There are a variety and the are not mentioned in the operating instructions.

Oil draining at the transmission, nothing could be simpler than that? No, even if you have found all the plugs. You can experience, that you unscrew a plug and nothing happens. Why? Because behind or above still a screwing with a small tube must be removed upwards, which ensures the proper oil level.

And then the filling. Maybe you get the correct filling quantity by selecting the appropriate container. But what if the container is sold for several (automatic) gearboxes? Earlier, one used to fill up so long at the side opening until oil leaked, with sufficient caution still justifiable. Today, the manufacturer takes more precautions to ensure that not too much oil is filled in.

And how the oil comes in the gearbox? Sure, no problem with the correct dense adapter for the oil can. It must have not necessarily an appropriate dip tube for the oil can. Fits the filling exactly, you might realize from the other side an opening. But for that, you would have to trust on the supplier. As mentioned, the price is high for a new dual clutch gearbox.

In the converter automatic that's all a lot easier? Not at all, because you may perhaps even remove the oil pan and clean the strainer or replace. Not yet mentioned: the oil filter, which is often not easy to find (Video 2). So rather the information of the manufacturer trust with the promise of lifetime filling, because, for example, the converter oil can not be changed anyway, just rinsed out (Video 1). 09/15

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