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Above a turbocharger is visible in mounting state with almost all its connections. The picture seems maybe confusing at first because some things have been cut out. Best we start on top with the inlet manifold which receives air pressure from the left side of the charger via a tangential channel. This air is sucked in at the compressor side (light blue) from the left.

The second pipe from above - in this case chrome plated - is the exhaust manifold and flows also tangential into the right side of the charger. There the turbine wheel takes up the energy and allows the exhaust gases to escape (brown side) to the right into a pipe - chrome plated once again - towards the exhaust system.In the upper part of the turbocharger the boost pressure control is arranged (in this case pneumatic). On the left the blue chamber is connected with the pressure side. If this becomes too high, a diaphragm opens a spring-loaded valve to the right, opening up the separator between the red and brown space. The bypass is opened, no longer do all exhaust gases drive the turbine blades because they are conducted directly to the exhaust system (bypass). Thereby the boost pressure drops. 05/08               Top of page               Index
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