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 Engine Oil-Finder

Classic car (turbocharged)


Pursue the way of the suction air to the engine!

The detail is selected in such a way that you are able to pursue the path of the suction air from the turbocharger via the suction collective pipe to the combustion chamber relatively well. We can see the compressor wheel and behind the turbocharger the exhaust manifold. It is connected to the turbine side of the turbocharger. The small black tube leads on the right to the blow-off system, the somewhat bigger one to the fuel injection pump to manage a bigger injection amount with higher boost pressure (variable full load stop unit).

Old-timer with swirl chamber, pintle nozzle and short glow pin

It is possible to see the combustion chamber. Because this engine features side combustion chambers, the piston crown is level and there are just gaps for both valves. The swirl chamber is arranged to the left next to the valves. The nozzle peaks in, and if you watch very closely in the enlargement, the glow pin, too. Unfortunately, the injection pipe is cut off, and the glow pin is unscrewed.

Toothed-belt drive with rocker arms

The old-timer is also recognizable by its rocker arms and pushrods, transmitting the movement from the relatively high horizontal camshaft in the cylinder block to the valves. The camshaft is driven, just as the distributor pump on the left, by the timing belt. 05/07

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