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Disguised Prototype Cars 2

No, the term has not been invented by Goethe respectively Schubert (Videos). But he, too, has it taken over, but that you can read here. But the term 'prototype' would actually wrong because the is mostly just not the early image of a planned series production. And seen from the motorsport it does not fit at all, except for Formula One racing cars, because it relates here a particularly large deviation from the series, but more likely a special design.

In connection with disguised prototype cars a lot seems to be messed up. Earlier, it was clear that the sale of just in stock series could be jeopardized by premature announcement of a successor. But today? One has the impression now, that manufacturers can not announce early enough that they are working on a successor.

Journalists of certain magazines will even invited to 'test' models yet before their type approval. Of course, this ends on the passenger seat and if the later publication does not comply with the guidelines, whether in text or in pictorial form, threatens probably the exclusion for the next project.

There are messages from Bugatti with an exact time (CET), from when they may be published. What was it earlier more simple, as there were only every few years a new model of a particular manufacturer. Unimaginable that one was curious about the (often small) changes to the VW Beetle after the factory vacations.

When the 356 was developed by the still very modest company Porsche without the Professor, the car had to pass quickly under a bridge, dressed with strands of wool and thereby take pictures. Although there were already wind tunnels, but the were e.g. in Stuttgart and not in Gmünd (Austria). And Mercedes probably would not have allowed the use by way of loan.

Let's stay for a moment at the company Porsche. The had the time of development of the 928 course no model in which the components of the chassis and the powertrain could have be tested. The development of this first genuine Porsche with front-engine, incidentally, lasted more than 9 years, and as a test vehicle one used, inter alia, a track broadened Audi 100 Coupe and an Opel Admiral.

The latter, incidentally, had an additional steering wheel rear. Therewith one could change certain settings of the rear axle during driving. Even today, complete platforms are still being tested in other bodies. This possibility benefits the platform strategy with as many identical parts.

With the many test benches and the frequent, even fundamental changes to models will now only be foiled. Since there are various stages of the quantity of foils. Above you can view a very late of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer plug-in hybrid. Atypical the fact that one reveals the brand emblem that usually remains hidden until the very end.

The foil and hard-sided packaging become therefore less and less, the closer the presentation date. Also partly the headlights and, of course, parts of the glasshouse be taped until almost the end. Even the real cutout of the bonnets can be faked differently by the foil. But, of course, the geometry in black and white is the all confusing.

Something similiar is present in the military field, though for a something other purpose. Did you know that distribution of the camouflage paints is prescribed exactly? It is similar with the foil. Besides should there be also dissertations to this theme. Obviously, that's not just foil, cut from the roll and distributed on the respective body, but designed in accordance with the vehicle.

Of course, will also kept in mind to cover the dashboard when the test drivers pause. For one thing is clear, since there is foil, disguised prototype cars attract special attention. Hopefully long to wait is on the first accident, because someone absolutely wanted to film a disguised prototype car from all sides while driving.

It becomes difficult with the many exhibitions around the world because everybody wants a world premiere with previously the least possible publication. But on the other hand also prescribes periods in which the car should then come on the market. 10/15